Tribute to A Few Burnt Hairs

Lightning strikes a heavily forested gnoll maybe 100 yards away. You barely notice.

Your party’s footsteps are being drowned out by the downpour as you run along the washed-out path through the forest.

Today wasn’t supposed to go like this. It should have been quick... easy…

The contract was so standard. Find the kobolds, reason with them for the mayor, kill them if they wouldn’t listen. Just another day.

The arrows just seemed to come out of nowhere. There was no time to respond. Jollie got hit in the knee. You can hear her limping, but she’ll live. To’Guh might not be so lucky. You look back and see him limply hung over Airidris’ shoulder. Hopefully he makes it through the night.

Tak sprints ahead of you, making it over the next hill. Before you have time to catch up, you hear him scream, “Shop! There’s a SHOP!”.

As you catch up, you look down maybe a 100 yards into a clearing. Even with your vision being obscured by the torrential downpour, you can make out a well-lit hut. Magical blue torches line the walls, making it stick out like a sore thumb.

You approach. Your legs seem to be pushing you down the path against your will. After today you don’t know if you can trust anyone, but you NEED help.

Any help.

You take slow, arduous steps forward.

The rain stops suddenly. The sound of the thunder is drowned out, muffled.

You look up, a magical barrier seems to be sluffing off the rain. What is this place?

As you turn your gaze back to the shop, you notice a sign over the door, “A Few Burnt Hairs”. A smirk comes over your weary face, “Cute name for a candle shop” you think

You take a few more steps toward the door, extend your hand out towards the knob, it’s locked. Of course. How could this day get any worse.

Your tired hand slips off the handle. You’ve resigned to seeing your party crumble, your friends die.

A voice whispers in the wind above your heads. “Survive”

You look down, your head is drawn to the ground in front of the shop and you see… a candle?

It smells like... a forest. It smells like life. You feverishly pick it up, uncap the lid and inhale.

You feel, refreshed. Revived! A note appears in your hand,

Effervescent Candle Of Vitality

This candle removes all levels of exhaustion and cures any disease or poison for creatures within 5 feet of it while taking in the fragrance. After 10 minutes of being in the range of the candle, for the next 24 hours, you regain the maximum number of hit points for any Hit Die you spend. This candle has a piney scent that almost immediately invigorates you.

As you light it, To’Guh wakes, Jollies stands up straight, your party lives to fight another day.

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